• Infrastructure is the main development sector stated by the Government to enhance the economy. Public investment in transportation represented 14.4% of total non-mining FDI 2021. 

  • According to the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Index 2019, Colombia is ranked fourth in Latin America. The ranking highlights the high potential in infrastructure development, which is evidenced in an investment opportunity by 2035 of around USD 60,000 Million in road infrastructure, as well as USD 5,700 Million in airport expansion projects, USD 3,400 Million in the rehabilitation of rail infrastructure, USD 1,600 Million in river infrastructure and USD 433 Million in port infrastructure. 

  • The main mechanism defined for the development of infrastructure in Colombia since 2012 is the Public-Private Partnerships - PPP (Law 1508 of 2012). Decree 438 of 2021 was issued with the purpose of promoting private investment flows into infrastructure projects and strengthening the legal framework for Public-Private Partnership (PPP). This decree reflects the best international practices on the subject, in addition to actions resulting from Colombia’s experience in the structuring and execution of PPPs, scheme that has been internationally recognized in the World Bank ranking in 2020 occupying the 2nd place in the world for the development of projects under the PPP scheme. 

  • Due to the health emergency, the National Infrastructure Agency – ANI launched the first wave of 5G projects as a reactivation strategy of the economy, includes 14 initiatives in road network, railway, airport, and fluvial infrastructure, the investments will reach an estimated value of USD 5.9 Billion and around 635.000 employments. The second wave of 5G projects, the National Infrastructure Agency – ANI includes 12 initiatives in road network, airport and fluvial infrastructure, the investments will reach an estimated value of USD 7.7 Billion.

  • These developments are planned with two fundamental axes: completing the key corridors of foreign trade and connecting the country with multimodality from north to south. The 5G Projects will be based on 4 pillars: environmental sustainability, social sustainability, financial sustainability, and institutional sustainability. 

  • Colombia has a dynamic infrastructure secondary market2, which allows the entry of Foreign Investment Capital Funds into ongoing projects, with stable and safe profitability. 

  • Colombia has a privileged location, located at the focal point of maritime activity due to its proximity to the Panama Canal and at the junction of the main communication routes of world trade.